Bali Projects – Suta Dharma School

Suta Dharma Graduation

Suta Dharma Graduation

Suta Dharma is a wonderful public school supported by the Yayasan (foundation) Tri Hita Karana.  Tri Hita Karana refers to the Balinese belief of balance between God, fellow man and nature.  We have arranged with friends and the Woodside Portola Valley Rotary Club to sponsor 8 students.  The cost for one year of private schooling (school 8 hours a day) including uniforms and meals is $390.00 per student.  Also Suta Dharma keeps aiding the student through Junior and Senior High School even though SD ends at 6th grade.

For pictures of

 the most remarkable Graduation Ceremony for 2008 , see our picasa web site

 …..The students present traditional (and not so traditional) Balinese dance, music and song.

See our blog on the Bali Ubud Rotary Schools Project for the Ubud Public Schools.

Suta Dharma Graduation 09


6 Responses to Bali Projects – Suta Dharma School

  1. Florina Warashanti says:

    wow,,, my lovely school

  2. thank you Florina.
    Please let your friends know about suta dharma.

  3. Chandra Sunarseto says:

    hey, that’s my school..
    haha cool..
    i remember at class 6, my class only have 4 students and i’m the only boy.. 😀
    aaah, i hope i can meet my classmate again..
    it’s been 9 years since we last met.
    most memorable memory.. 😀

  4. chandra sunarseto says:

    Bagaimana kabar Guru-guruku disana? 😀

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